"To celebrate and promote French language cinema in Ontario."


  • Cinéfranco goals:
    To celebrate and promote the diversity and richness of French language cinema as an opportunity for Francophones, Francophiles and film lovers:
    • To enjoy films rarely seen or not distributed in Toronto cinemas
    • To give a voice and an identity to the Francophone communities in Toronto, in Ontario and outside the borders of Quebec
    • To foster tolerance through the discovery and understanding of other cultures and civilizations
    • To enable students of the French language to listen to, practice and enjoy the language in a resonant cultural milieu
    • To enable the fragmented Francophone communities to mingle and interface
    • To enrich the filmic culture in Toronto and Ontario
    • To foster and develop a taste for French language cinema in order
    • To demand a stronger commercial presence and distribution of French language cinema
    • To further and promote friendship, cultural exchanges between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec
    • To enhance the international profile of Toronto in Canada and in the worldwide film community.


  • Cinéfranco main principle: ACCESSIBILITY
    • The English subtitles:
      All films are subtitled in English to enable the non-French speaker who is a cinephile to come to Cinéfranco and enjoy the films.
      Cinéfranco becomes accessible to all.
    • The audience:
      Cinéfranco is accessible to all thanks to:
      • a special programme for schools (3 times during the weeklong festival)
      • special authorizations requested from the Ontario Film Review Board to open up some screenings to families when appropriate
      • the bilingualism of the screenings (French language with English subtitles) to give equal access to Francophones and non-French speakers
    • The films:
      Cinéfranco showcases feature films of fiction with a broad popular appeal, crowd-pleasers including few challenging films.
      The goal here is to burst the myth of French language cinema as too intellectual thus inaccessible to the public at large.
    • The venue:
      Historically the choice of the venue is dictated by the principle of accessibility for
      • Transportation (public transit)
      • Parking (garages, parking lots)
      • Wheel chairs
      • Restaurants

      The programme books:
      Approximately three weeks before the start of Cinéfranco you will have two options:

    • A detailed programme (films title, summary and schedule) will be available from our website or
    • A special section of www.cinefranco.com entitled «programme books» will keep you informed on the locations where you can pick up a programme book. As in the past, the brochure will have a schedule easy to detach and carry with you.

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